A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Kruger Park 2014

It’s cold and mizzy here in Busan and I am so jealous of my family who are spending the festive season in the Kruger Park. I’m longing for clear South African skies, the clean smell of the bushveld, and the sights and sounds of birds and animals. In an effort to quell my homesickness, I’ve been looking at old photos from the Kruger.
Here are some from a trip a couple of years ago.

A matryoshka doll of elephants. Isn’t that the collective noun?


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Study Buddies

I recently wrote the final exam for my Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education, a journey that took two years across three countries (Oman, Cambodia, and South Africa).

It is with heavy sigh of relief that I would like to thank the pets that have supported me throughout my studies.

I’m going to start with Deya, who first began assisting me when I was writing my MA about Olive Schreiner (also pictur many years ago. Here she is in 2010.

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Mopani Meanderings

We spent a week in the bush. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a dry “rainy” season before: it’s worse than many winters have been. Despite this, the animals seem well fed. The lions’ bellies are so fat that they struggle to drink, their full stomachs hitting the ground uncomfortably as they crouch to drink the muddy water. It will probably be gone in the next few days, leaving a baked dry cake barely betraying the smallest hint of water.

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