A Taste of Zanzibar: Stone Town Part 1

While staying at Bububu, we took a quick taxi into Stone Town to wander around. This is a taste of our day-trip around Stone Town. I had sprained my ankle the day before flying out which severely impacted our plans. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time exploring the old city. The dala-dalas are a cheap alternative to the taxi we used.

Zanzibar 03

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Funny Toilet Signs

I love collecting toilet signs. Cute ones, clever ones, unusual ones…
It’s become a little obsession of mine. Here are some I’ve collected with a place and story if I can remember. First up are some from my home country, South Africa.

As you might expect, animals are a common motif.
These painted owls come from the Dullstroom Bird of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre.
It’s well worth the visit if you’re ever in the area.

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