Posing with statues

Just as it says in the title, we go around posing with statues.

Camera 360

It all began in South Korea not with a statue, but with a robot.

Camera 360

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Road trip from Port Elizabeth to Hogsback: Snapshots from the car

Snapshots from the car are quick and dirty but give a unique view of our beautiful country

PE to Hogsback-4

This time it’s of our trip from PE to Hogsback: a magical forest filled oasis that is unexpectedly otherworldly. Even the journey there is filled with wonder

PE to Hogsback-2

particularly if you can listen to wisdom that pops up in unusual places

PE to Hogsback-3

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come climb trees with me in a secret glade along the eastern cape sands
you know there’s treasure there
i have your bones and shells

i loved walking the beach with you
and seeing what caught your eye
you took spiky shells, crimson clams, feathers, sea gull bones

you opened my eyes to a new beach
a beach I’ve been going to for 10 years
a beach i’ve walked a million times

you remind me that
“seeing heaven in a grain of sand
is not a trick only poets can accomplish”


i wish i could wake you to listen to the rain,
but i don’t think you’ll appreciate the sentiment

it’s so beautiful after the parched, dry months!

i know one storm doesn’t break a drought.

but it’s the sound of hope…