A Taste of Zanzibar: Nungwi

Our Zanzibar trip ended with a glorious stay at Langi-Langi Beach Bungalows in Nungwi.

Zanzibar 63

We encountered many sights on our journey from Stone Town to Nungwi.
This slum is so different from the luxurious accommodation we enjoyed.

Zanzibar 49

Scooting along is the best way to enjoy the sun and air.

Zanzibar 50

The girls look very neat in their school uniforms.

Zanzibar 51

The very dinosaur-like chickens enjoy roaming around and pecking odds and ends.

Zanzibar 53

The lumpy local cows graze here and there and everywhere.

Zanzibar 52

Even on the beach.

Zanzibar 62

At last we arrive at our destination: our room is right at the top.

Zanzibar 54

The clear, blue pool appears hidden among the trees from our high room.

Zanzibar 55

The bedroom is gorgeous

Zanzibar 56

with a pleasant balcony

Zanzibar 57

overlooking the sea

Zanzibar 58

We ate most of our meals down on the deck.

Zanzibar 59

I wasn’t quick enough to snap a shot with the third crow, so this will have to suffice. These thieves took every opportunity to snatch a snack from unattended plates.

Zanzibar 61

The food was delicious.

Zanzibar 60

If you ever find yourself in Nungwi, a stay at Langi-Langi will rejuvenate and refresh you.

Zanzibar 65

Photos by Rheedan and Vicki


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