A Taste of Zanzibar: Stone Town Part 2

A mosque and church meet in the distance.

Zanzibar 21

St Joseph’s Cathedral was designed by Henri-Jacques Espérandieu,
the creator of Notre- Dame de Marseille.

Zanzibar 18

The Anglican Church is built on the site of the old Slave Market.

Zanzibar 25

The Anglican Church is an incredibly moving site. Like so much in Zanzibar,
it is a tragedy that it is not maintained and is falling into ruins.

Zanzibar 30

These windows are dedicated to David Livingstone,
who campaigned tirelessly against slavery.

Zanzibar 37

This crucifix is carved from the tree under which Livingstone’s heart his buried.
His body may be in Westminster, but his heart rests in Africa.

Zanzibar 32

The alter was built where the whipping post stood.

Zanzibar 33

This marks where the whipping pole was placed.

Zanzibar 34

The architect went to the mainland,
and in his absence the workers put the pillars in upside down.

Zanzibar 36

The slaves (men, women, and children) were whipped and held underground for three days without food or water. The Omani slavers only wanted the strongest as slaves.
There were two underground chambers: one for men and one for women and children.

Zanzibar 28

This incredible statue designed by Scandinavian sculptress Clara Sörnäs
represents how slaves would be chained up and separated by language
so they couldn’t communicate with each other.

Zanzibar 29

The beautifully carved doors have chain-borders in remembrance of the years of slavery.

Zanzibar 19


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