A Taste of Zanzibar: Stone Town Part 1

While staying at Bububu, we took a quick taxi into Stone Town to wander around. This is a taste of our day-trip around Stone Town. I had sprained my ankle the day before flying out which severely impacted our plans. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time exploring the old city. The dala-dalas are a cheap alternative to the taxi we used.

Zanzibar 03

Stone Town is made up of a twisty confusion of streets.
Zanzibar 14

The bustling market-place contrasts

Zanzibar 16

Zanzibar 17

the Portuguese canons which guard the bay, and provide a stark reminder
of Zanzibar’s turbulent, colonial past.

Zanzibar 13

The writing on the walls highlights the political tension,
and emphasises our tourist ignorance of the daily life of the island.

Zanzibar 47

Zanzibar 48

We pay our respects to the legend Freddie Mercury at his birthplace.

Zanzibar 15

The Giant Baobab.

Zanzibar 38

The Old Fort.

Zanzibar 39

Zanzibar 40

Zanzibar 41

Zanzibar 42

Zanzibar 43

I had to take a snap of this Girl Guides sign for my dad who has been the accountant for the local Girl Guides for many years.

Zanzibar 44

The Persian Baths.

Zanzibar 22

It would be wonderful if they were still operational and we could drink coffee, eat dates, and use the baths.

Zanzibar 23

The view from the roof of the baths.

Zanzibar 24

This used to be hospital before it was turned into tourist accommodation.

Zanzibar 26

Naturally, we find some gorgeous kittens on the way. This one has heterochromia.

Zanzibar 46

My socks look so grand poking out of my moon boot :p

Zanzibar 45

Have you visited Stone Town before? What did you enjoy the most about your trip?


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