Road trip from Benoni to PE

Road tripping from Benoni to Port Elizabeth is a great way to see the countryside.

Benoni to PE-2

With a boot filled with bags and an early morning start,
we were ready to begin the long day’s journey.

Benoni to PE-15.jpg

The last view of cosmos I’ll see for a while.

Benoni to PE-01

Even at the tail end of the season, the sunflowers are gorgeous.

Benoni to PE-6

This cute sign on the truck became our mantra for the trip.

Benoni to PE-9

Frequent stops gave us the chance to stretch our legs and take in the beautiful views.

Benoni to PE-13

We even discovered why the chicken crossed the road – to get petrol 🙂

Benoni to PE-8

Golden grass and the blue skies were common sights.

Benoni to PE-10

As the afternoon wore on, the clouds grew stormier.

Benoni to PE-11

Driving through the storm seemed like a dream, as we soon returned to clear skies.

Benoni to PE-4

We drove over the bridge overlooking Gariep Dam.

Benoni to PE-12

Two chestnuts stand guard over an abandoned farm house,
grazing placidly in the afternoon.

Benoni to PE-1

As the day wore on we hoped to stick to the 120km speed limit,
but alas, got stuck behind a few trucks instead.

Benoni to PE-5

Safe in PE with a cat cuddle to boot.

Benoni to PE-14


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