Beehive Tombs of Oman

The Beehive Tombs of Bat are few hours drive from Ibri.
They are an incredible series of tombs dating from about 5000 years ago.


Despite their immense cultural and historical value, these tombs don’t seem to be protected. Some tombs have been defaced.


In early times, the more accessible tombs were harvested by locals who used the stones for their own building projects. Some of these are being rebuilt with new stone.


The deeper you go into the mountains, the more intact the tombs will be.


We found some on a random guy’s farm. He very kindly allowed us to take a closer look.

Beehive Tombs.jpg

Some of the tombs are really inaccessible. It is essential to have a four wheel drive vehicle. In some places you can only get to them on foot.


The tombs are scattered over an incredibly wide area. It will take a really long time to see them all, especially since much of the road is really rough. You might even want to camp out somewhere and keep going. However, they are well worth a closer look.



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