A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Kruger Park 2014

It’s cold and mizzy here in Busan and I am so jealous of my family who are spending the festive season in the Kruger Park. I’m longing for clear South African skies, the clean smell of the bushveld, and the sights and sounds of birds and animals. In an effort to quell my homesickness, I’ve been looking at old photos from the Kruger.
Here are some from a trip a couple of years ago.

A matryoshka doll of elephants. Isn’t that the collective noun?


Mmm, yummy twig.



A lilac-breasted roller stares quizzically into the sky.
Yes, roller, those are dust specks on the camera lens.


Are they black with white stripes or white with black stripes?


The ever faithful impala. If you see nothing else, you will always sees these guys!


These baby hyenas are so sweet.



Yummy mother’s milk from a flexible nipple straw.



We were very lucky to see a porcupine on the night drive.


One of my favourites. They’re so cute and remind me of my dog Themba.


Even the smallest are invaluable: a dung beetle rolling dung using celestial cues.


Oh Kruger Park, I’m dreaming of you.

Photos by Rheedan


1 thought on “A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Kruger Park 2014”

  1. I looked at this post again today. The descriptions totally encapsulate the amazing photographs. I feel as though I am right there in the Kruger Park reliving the experience.

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