Haedong Yonggung Temple

Haedong Yongkung Temple is one of the more unique temples in Busan since it is built near the beach instead of in the mountains.


It was rebuilt in the 1970’s and has become a popular and busy temple.

The entrance goes through a market where you can buy lots of knickknacks
and traditional South Korean street food.

Statues representing the 12 Chinese zodiac signs line the street.
People take photos with their sign and donate money for luck.

The temple is really busy with hundreds of visitors.

The Buddha for Academic Achievement and the Buddha of Granting a Son clearly show where South Korean values lie. Heaven forbid you have a girl who does not succeed at school! Don’t worry, touching the Buddha’s stomach, dropping some coins in the box, and praying to the statues will ensure that you only beget clever sons.

Lanterns line the 108 stone stairs snaking around the coast.

The temple nestles against the rocks.

Luck seems to be a central theme of this seaside temple.

This statue references a story about a monk who saw the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy
riding on the back of a dragon in the bay.

The Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

There is a good view of the bay from Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

These stairs lead to an underground prayer cave
where people light candles and drink from a trickling stream.

Do you want to visit Yonggung Temple? Take Busan subway line 2 to Haendae Station and take Exit 7. Then take bus 100 and get off at Yonggung Temple bus stop.


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