Beomeo Temple, Busan

When we lived in Daegu, Beomeo was the name of our closest subway stop.
It seemed like a great idea to visit the actual Beomeo Temple
nestled in the Geumjeongsan Mountains.

This is just a brief overview of our first visit.
There is quite a lot to see, so we definitely need to go back to see more.


Steles lead up to the entrance to Beomeo.

The first gate to the temple is called the One Pillar Gate because it looks as though it supported by a single pillar when seen from the side.

The second gate, the Gate of the Four Heavenly Kings,
has four divas guarding the entrance to the temple.

The third gate, the Gate of Non-Duality,
represents the idea that Buddha’s realm and this world are the same.

This is a little curio shop. Very pricey!

I have to giggle at the Korean translations into English 🙂

The autumn colours are gorgeous.

A reminder that this is a sacred space that is actively used.

If you have time, sneak a peak into the Buddhist museum.

Beomeosa Seven Storey Stone Pagoda stands at the entrance to the museum.

If you’re in Busan, the popular Beomeo Temple is definitely worth the visit.

It’s easy to get to Beomeo Temple. Take Busan subway line 1 and get out at Beomeo.
Use exit 5 or 7 and take the road that goes up between the two exits.
Just up the street is a bus stop that will take you right to Beomeo.


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