More Foster Kittens

The other day, I shared some pictures of the lovely Amy and Tom.
Next up I wanted to show brothers Tolstoy and Hobbs (short for Hobbit).


These little brothers were so affectionate. They were sick and had to be hand fed.
This led to Hobbs’s stunted growth, blind eye, and the brothers’ friendly natures.
These yawns are so ugly cute!


They fit perfectly on these slippers.


Luckily, they found a happy home together.


Last in the list is Ms Tickles the best cat that has ever existed and Molly.
It’s hard to believe that such a gorgeous and good natured cat was abandoned.
However, this is unfortunately all too common in Korea.


Misty was so calm and loving. She had to be cuddled when I came home from school, so I often made tea with her in my arms. She also loved playing fetch.


Misty had so much love that she was so eager to share with a new kitten we fostered.


Molly was cute, but very antisocial.
Coming from feral stock, she never completely lost her fear of people.


However, Misty has such love and was so amazing she could melt the coldest heart.


Although we had Misty spayed, she had the chance to fulfil her maternal instincts by looking after Molly.


If we both barely fits, we both sits.


Due to our transitory lifestyles, owning pets is not an option. However, we were so lucky to be able to foster so many amazing kittens. As an expat, fostering cats was a wonderful way to have loving pets and help abandoned animals find a home.

Here is a great place to start if you are an expat in Korea who wants to get involved with fostering kittens.


2 thoughts on “More Foster Kittens”

  1. I love the picture of Tolstoy and Hobbs in the slippers! Misty is so lovely…she reminds me of Kuzuri (my cat) who also loves to play fetch!

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