Meandering around Morundae, Dadaepo, Saha-gu, Busan

The gorgeous purple and pink cosmos flowers herald the change from summer to autumn. I’m 13 500 km from home, autumn is coming in September instead of April, yet it is somehow comforting to see these familiar favourite flowers.

On Saturday, we took advantage of the good weather,
and went for a meander around Morundae Resort.
Korean translations into English are somewhat fluid, and it is not really a resort at all.
However, it is a nice place to enjoy an easy walk on a Saturday morning.

We started our walk along the wooden path that frames the beach.

A bird settles peacefully on a rock, waiting for the perfect chance to snatch a fish.

The wooden walkway leads to a beach covered in shells.
Fishermen mirror the birds and wait patiently to catch their own fish.

The hundreds of buildings sprouting from Dadaepo Beach
crowd each other like trees competing for sunlight.

After completing the wooden walkway, we return to the main entrance and continue our Morundae meander. We stop by at the replica of the Dadaepo Guesthouse.
The building was supposedly constructed in 1825, but the current structure was built in 1970 after being moved from grounds of the Busan Childhood Education and Development Institution.

The park has maps at strategic points

and is well sign-posted.

Morundae has relatively good amenities

with benches dotted frequently along the route

picnic tables

and water fountains with communal drinking cups if you’re brave enough!

There are also squat toilets available within the park.
If you have a funny ankle like mine making squat toilets a bit hazardous,
much cleaner western toilets are available at the entrance.

The views along the path make for an enjoyable walk,
and there are convenient steps leading down to little coves.

The views from here are just perfect

especially if you’re lucky enough to get a clear day.

On our journey back round I caught this view of our home on the other side of the bay. Our flat is just behind the green trees in the centre of the forest of flats.

Would you like to visit?
From Sinpyeong Station, Busan Subway Line 1, take buses 2, 11, or 338.


6 thoughts on “Meandering around Morundae, Dadaepo, Saha-gu, Busan”

  1. […] Yungongdan was built in memory of a commander killed in 1592. The original monument was built on the supposed site of his death, near Dadae Guesthouse, in what is now Dadae Elementary School. Both the guesthouse and the monument were moved in 1970. You can see the replica of Dadae Guesthouse in Morundae. […]


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