Manbulsa: The Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas

A giant 33 metre golden Buddha towers over
Manbulsa: The Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

At the entrance, stands a huge pyramid


composed of tiny golden buddhas

with tiny red-capped buddhas interspersed with zodiac statues at the base.

The main courtyard has a brightly painted pagoda housing temple bells.

An intricately carved bell decorated with a plethora of buddhas is surrounded by four temple bells that visitors are permitted to ring.

Apparently, if you make a wish and strike the bell three times it will come true.

Rows and rows of prayer wheels glint in the sunlight.

Hands form chairs surrounding small stone tables.

The main temple is lit by thousands of buddhas.

From the garden area, a row of buddhas lead the way to a path up the mountain.

As it turns out, we climbed the back route,
so we approached everything in a slightly different order.

Hundreds of graves are decorated with fake plastic flowers.

Like many cemeteries, a sense of peace and solemnity fills the air.

The entrance which we experienced as the exit.

The giant buddha statue that overlooks the valley
rests on a base of yet more tiny buddhas.

The valley is lush and green with lovely views in all directions.
Manbulsa is well worth the visit.

Would you like to visit? From Dongdaegu station, take a train to Yeongcheon. From there, you can take a taxi to Manbulsa.

Photos by Rheedan

If you have any questions or stories, please share in the comments.


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