The Old Mill at Avaco Village

I have a plethora of photos sitting on hard drives, gathering dust. Interspersed with more recent experiences, I’m going to share some of my old adventures in a new series of nostalgic trips down memory lane.

The first foray into the past is to the Mill at Avaco Village
in the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland.

The quaint old mill is in a charming and picturesque setting.

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There’s is even a cute dog to greet visitors with a cheerful wag of the tail.

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It’s a great opportunity to find out more about weaving and to pick up some really nice wooly souvenirs.

Avaco 05.jpg

Avaco 06.jpg

It’s incredible to see the old weaving machines.

Avaco 07.jpg

The tour guides are knowledgable, and provide a good overview of the weaving process.

Avaco 08.jpg

I was lucky enough to spend the day with my lovely niece and sister.PENTAX Digital Camera

Her genuine enjoyment added an extra dimension of fun to the experience.

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There’s something that appeals to everyone, and kids will also have a good experience.

Avaco 11.jpg

The Mill at Avoca Village is a wonderful excursion that people of all ages will enjoy. The setting is beautiful, the mill tour is informative, the food is good, and the souvenirs are expensive but gorgeous.

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