Daegaksa: A Calm Pause

In the heart of Nampo, one of Busan’s busiest shopping districts,
rests a quiet and unassuming temple.
It lies, almost hidden, tucked between coffee shops and clothing stores.
If you blink, you might miss the entrance.

Once you pass under the lanterns, climb the stairs,

pay your respects to the giant Buddha statue,

walk past the temple bell,

and enter the dim, dusty room, it’s like you’re in another world.

Giant paper flower lanterns swirl gently in the breeze
from creaky old fans.

The ceiling is beautifully decorated,

the floor is covered in straw mats, and a sense of quiet and serenity fills the air.

It’s almost a shock to realise you are still in a bustling city after the relative calm and peace within the temple.

Next to the temple you can see the monk’s living quarters.

It is a great opportunity to take a breath and reflect amid the bali-bali of daily life.

Would you like to visit? Take Busan subway line 1 to the Nampo subway stop and go out at Exit #1.

Photos by Rheedan

If you have any questions or stories, please share in the comments.


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