I sift through magazines and newspapers
tearing, ripping, cutting
words, images, colours
that tickle my imagination
catch my eye
intrigue and unsettle me.

I lay out my paper treasures on the coffee table, the bed, the floor.
I seek out harmony, piecing together disparate images and words:
a conscious craftsmanship.
I breathe it all in, and unwind,
seeking a story
a story of self
stitched together with coloured paper and a stick of glue.

I am the centralising eye
the I that crystallises
the pieces of fancy into a single frame
composed of other eyes.

I push my boundaries, indulge my fantasies, dream of …
exploring more, finding the balance, overcoming perfectionism, creating a culture of dialogue, saying yes to new experiences, listening well, thriving individuality, being a facilitator, journeys of inspiration.

I feed my imagination
try to escape the box
step through the looking glass
into simplicity.

a luxury and a necessity


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