Growing Ginger

It started with a tiny bud growing from a forgotten piece of ginger.

An old yoghurt tub served as a cosy incubator.

A second shoot soon appeared and rapidly overtook the initial sprout.

Next, the leaves started developing.

The new leaf is curled up in the older leaf, waiting to spring out.

After a few weeks, ginger had to move into a new pot.

That first sprout still just chilling, content to wait for better days.

It felt like a new leaf sprouted almost everyday.

But wait, what’s this?

New sprouts!

Look at those strong stems.

The last picture before we left for Busan, leaving my parents to watch over ginger.

It’s amazing how all this grew from a tiny rhizome. I can’t wait to see how ginger will have changed the next time I’m back home.


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