While I love travelling, one of the things I miss most is having pets.
However we have fostered a few kittens, which has allowed us to look after some amazing animals.
Today, I want to share Sakina’s story.

While we were working in Oman, we found Sakina in the parking lot on our way to college one morning. The day we found her she was a wisp of a thing,
so we started off calling her Whisper.

I picked her up, walked past the security guards who were too shocked to stop a sobbing six-foot woman, and marched into the college.

I ended up in an office with one person making me tea, one person hugging me, and another trying to find a vet, while Rheedan got to deal with the cat.02

She was caught in a sandstorm and became separated from her mom.
Her nose and eyes were clogged with sand.
This is after Rheedan cleaned her face as much as he could.03

She spent a week at the vet on a drip
and was so much better when we fetched her06

but the fur on her arms and face was rubbed off
from trying to get the sand out of her eyes and nose.08

As she grew stronger, we decided that Whisper (Whisp), didn’t really suit her10

so we renamed her Sakina.18

She loved perching on shoulders111213

 obviously the throat is the best place to lie15

on heads14

on bags16

in her box house32

in between books17

or even tucked up in bed26

Stop staring at me…24

I said, stop staring at me!25

Nice kisses despite the previous eye scratch!31

We brought her a teddy to attack so she’d stop playing too vigorously with us

She loved helping wherever she could

even when unpacking groceries

or driving

35 34

We found a home for her with one of my students.
This is just before we dropped her off.
She’s a little nervous…40 42

But she soon settled in to her new home.43


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